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This website has been created to provide expanded access to potential students for viewing my teaching resume’ and performance bio. Links are provided for you to peruse whatever information you may be curious about, as well as contact information. This site also includes links to a few words from my own teacher, who I have worked with for years, and also a few blurbs from one of my students. As an additional bit of information, it may be important to report an important personal experience from a few years ago, when I attended a lecture/workshop on jazz vocal production. Having been trained in “bel canto,”or Italian technique, I unexpectedly came away from this workshop with a piece of valuable information, valuable for myself and in particular for my teaching. The workshop instructor was working with a student with formal classical training, and the teacher mentioned that her problem with most classical instruction was that it “trained the joy out of singing.” I have never forgotten that, and am thankful for those words of wisdom. Singing is all about joy — for both the singer and the listener. At least it should be! Through all the contests, competitions, auditions won or lost, the single “polished jewel” that remains is the simple joy of making sound, of giving voice to what lies within. I have loved helping and watching students move through their own personal journeys, being a witness and a partner in the mind- and soul-stretching process of discovering one’s own unique sound. My best to you, Laurel James

“Laurel James is the whole package. A singer needs a voice, a great body of skills, a balanced and useful repertoire, high energy to reach an audience, and a level of intelligence that can keep it all going at once. Laurel is all of these and more.”

— JoAnn Ottley (Adjunct UofU, BYU Hawaii, Mormon Tabernacle Choir Vocal Coach)

JoAnn Ottley

(Adjunct UofU, BYU Hawaii, Mormon Tabernacle Choir Vocal Coach)

Laurel James - Soprano